Seeking to launch a simple, delightful, and intuitive new class of product that even a 5 year old can use, hiku identified SurfaceInk as its key product development partner to deliver all aspects of product development refinements for its Beta release. While protecting the simple and friendly design intent, SurfaceInk delivered the mechanical engineering design, hardware development, and acoustic refinements while coordinating international supplier selection, prototype logistics, and contract manufacturer qualification.


Fan TV

Fanhattan selected SurfaceInk to support product development from an engineering perspective to bring the Fan TV set-top-box and touch-remote to life. Working to protect the design intent created by visionary designer Yves Behar and his fuseproject product design team, Fan TV provides a single interface for your existing TV, that accesses live cable TV, DVR, and streaming content with an instantly familiar touch remote and minimalist, button-free design. Magnetic remote control docking creates a playful experience and lighting features glow from within adding to the delight of the user.



august engaged SurfaceInk to collaborate with fuseproject in the development effort for a high profile, highly refined, production smart door lock. Based on world renowned product and brand designer Yves Behar’s delightful design, SurfaceInk contributed from a cross-functional Product Development perspective, to insure the protection of the design intent throughout the development process.




Energized by a high profile and wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the OUYA Team engaged SurfaceInk to direct the engineering effort for the OUYA Game Console and Controller. Given a demanding schedule, our goal for the program was to protect the design intent and solve challenges that arose. Our Team provided expertise and experience, along with vendor introductions, to direct the product development activities here in the US and on the ground in China. SurfaceInk facilitated a successful delivery of developer and production units ready for release dates.


Fitbit One

Overwhelmed by the terrific success of their initial product, the Ultra, Fitbit turned to SurfaceInk for help to bring their next-generation fitness tracker, the One, to market quickly on the heels of this success. Intended to be more rugged given the rigors of daily use, the smaller, sleeker package packed more features into a new watertight case. SurfaceInk created a successful, integrated system solution, managing their mechanical design efforts and working closely with the industrial design and electrical engineering teams.


Netgear Nighthawk

Netgear once again looked to SurfaceInk for trusted mechanical design know-how for its premium router product to integrate challenging hardware requirements with an instantly recognizable industrial design. The result of this expedited collaboration? An award-winning, well-reviewed product ready for high volume manufacturing.


DCT SimpleScan

SimpleScan is focused on delivering next generation document management and workflow solutions built on the power of cloud services. As a coordinated effort with DCT, SurfaceInk provided an iconic Industrial Design and integrated mechanical system designed to look great and function easily in any workspace. Innovations include solutions for a space-saving vertical scanner orientation and a remarkably simple paper return guide.



Dolby Atmos

Dolby® launched its revolutionary new movie sound experience Atmos™ at the premier of Disney’s Brave in 2013. Dolby selected SurfaceInk to create a fresh new look for its cinema processor line to coincide with this technology release 20 years in the making. The client envisioned an iconic design that not only speaks to this new immersive sound experience, but also refers to the Dolby branding heritage. Leading Dolby through a rapid program series of collaborative ‘concept elimination’ sessions, SurfaceInk is proud to have contributed to this fun collaborative project and technology release.


GlobalStar Spot & Hug

While GlobalStar has the engineering horsepower to develop impressive satellite communications hardware, designing a ruggedized handheld device for the consumer market was outside their wheelhouse. SurfaceInk blended experience in both high-end consumer electronics and ruggedized commercial gear to help GlobalStar realize their vision of a professional grade, emergency locating system for the most demanding situations in the field.



Vocera Communications Badge

Primarily an enterprise software solutions company, Vocera tapped the consumer electronics expertise at SurfaceInk to help complete the development of their new communicator device, the B3000, designed specifically for hospital personnel. Besides supporting the device itself, SurfaceInk designed innovative personal accessories to better facilitate the use patterns among medical staff with the shared devices, all within the demanding requirements of a hospital setting.



AltiGen iFusion

With a successful enterprise communications customer base in place, AltiGen saw an opportunity for a unique, professional desktop device to exploit powerful features in their software. SurfaceInk worked in close coordination with the internal EE team as well as ID and manufacturing partners to develop an integrated mechanical design in keeping with the high-end aesthetics of the leading consumer products used alongside the iFusion. SurfaceInk guided the team through preproduction activities to ensure parts from the factory captured design intent.



Plantronics Calisto 800

Plantronics has legendary acoustic abilities to design world class audio products, and called on SurfaceInk to help realize their vision for a dead-front, capacitive touch user interface on par with the superb audio experience of their new hands-free communications hub. Coordinating closely with Plantronics engineers on a common master assembly database, SurfaceInk identified key technologies to realize the thin, seamless keypad & display design. To validate the integrated solution, SurfaceInk managed key technology vendors to develop and fabricate prototype parts for Plantronics’ test protocols.



Aruba Networks Access Points

For new strategic products in their line, Aruba Networks enlisted SurfaceInk to develop compelling industrial design and detailed mechanical assembly design. High performance standards for these commercial access points presented challenges to the team, issues overcome in large part because SurfaceInk could evolve visual and mechanical designs in tandem preserving critical time-to-market goals.



Netgear A6200

With a relationship spanning over three years and a dozen projects, Netgear turned to SurfaceInk again for the challenging A6200 Adapter program. With a timeline as compressed as the space inside the iconic industrial design, SurfaceInk moved quickly through a series of rapid prototypes to arrive at a well-integrated solution for release to manufacturing. Deep knowledge and experience with materials & assembly tactics helped SurfaceInk include two clever swivel mechanisms in a very tight package that, like the docking accessory, snap together with no fasteners.



BridgeWave PG60C

In 2011, BridgeWave announced the first full rate, unobtrusive, 60 GHz picocell microwave backhaul product in their PicoHaul family series. Prior to that groundbreaking announcement, SurfaceInk helped BridgeWave by creating product concepts bringing together their innovative ideas with clever, robust mechanical design in a series of evolving prototypes. The resulting solution executes the core technology concept while addressing tough environmental concerns and hassle-free installation in the field. The “unobtrusive” appearance belies the technological sophistication inside!



Netgear Xfinity Wireless Gateway for Comcast

Collaborating with reknowned ID firm Frog Design, SurfaceInk delivered a complete mechanical production release package inside of two months to ensure the timely market launch of the highly touted Xfinity Wireless Gateway for Comcast. Starting with a refined industrial design from Frog, SurfaceInk generated a robust master model and assembly database in ProEngineer, designing and validating features along the way. Comprehensive parametrics expertly built into the database reduced timeline risks in the subsequent preproduction phases, allowing factory engineers to fine tune design details quickly without unraveling the CAD models.



SanDisk slotMusic Player

Fully integrated with the ID and marketing groups at SanDisk, SurfaceInk provided end-to-end mechanical design for these innovative devices. With deep experience designing for mass production of compact, feature-dense consumer electronics, SurfaceInk also served as principal contact with the factory to maintain fidelity to design intent as fabrication processes and assembly details were refined, maximizing use of materials and integrated features to minimize overall size.



Sun Microsystems Sun Ray Thin Client Family

With high standards for surface quality and subtle details in form, the ID team at Sun turned to SurfaceInk to generate high-fidelity surface masters in CAD starting from their 2D control drawings in Adobe Illustrator. SurfaceInk uses advanced surfacing tools to create, analyze and verify complex, curvature-continuous forms. Provided to Sun’s manufacturing partner as inviolable master surfaces, this database gave assurance to the Sun ID group that tooled parts would adhere to their demanding standards.



Palm Pre


SurfaceInk, a longtime design partner of Palm, managed all of the engineering implementation for the two-year Pre project, from the pre-architecture phase to ODM troubleshooting.




Orb Networks Media Player


The MP-1 was the first hardware product developed by this online service company, and Orb relied on SurfaceInk and its partner network for complete industrial design, engineering, and production management.




Belkin Flip


This addition to a seven-product family required challenging manufacturing techniques, including triple-shot molding and a robust enclosure, in order to withstand rugged use while maintaining the industrial design language.




Green Toys Recycle Truck


SurfaceInk’s collaboration with Green Toys continued on this follow-up toy, the Recycling Truck, with moving bed and rear door and no metal parts.




Aliph Jawbone


Setbacks on the manufacturing line called for last-minute tolerance and interference troubleshooting and a sustaining engineering redesign in order to resolve assembly issues and bring this popular Bluetooth headset into high-volume production.




Quantum 3D Farsight 5600


For this ruggedized handheld device used by US Army infantry, SI went from initial layout and industrial design to breadboards and preproduction prototypes to a final product that meets IP67 sealing standards for water and particles.




Netgear Powerline Ethernet Adapters


SurfaceInk took industrial design models all the way to manufacturing, adapting two similar devices for use around the world, reducing part count and production costs, and delivering finished products within a tight market deadline.




Green Toys Tea and Gardening Sets


Using plastic derived from recycled milk jugs, using a method with a low carbon footprint, Green Toys selected SurfaceInk as its partner for design and development services, from industrial design to manufacturing liaison.




Zing Accessories


Using its extensive knowledge of surface modeling, manufacturing processes, and potential trouble spots, SI brought this set of four connection accessories to market swiftly and accurately.




Zonare Smartcart


Working closely with Zonare’s mechanical and electrical engineering teams, SI created challenging device connection features within a critical product-launch deadline.




Accuray Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System


SurfaceInk redesigned this calibration fixture to allow radiation oncology technicians to prepare Accuray’s life-saving treatment systems for patients’ radiation treatments.





Klutz Bristle Bots


For Klutz’s first battery-operated, mechanically complex toy that was appropriate for kids to assemble and disassemble, SurfaceInk provided industrial design, product development and mechanical design expertise.




Entropy Skis


Entropy offers “bio-derived” skis made from reclaimed wood and pine-based epoxies, and chose SI to design and develop their entire product line, using parametric technologies that allow for new ski geometries to be developed easily.




Aruba Networks Wireless Access Point


Within tight product constraints required to fit within standard (but widely varying) dual-gang electrical boxes, SurfaceInk allowed an existing PCB to fit at an angle and be held in place solidly with no fasteners.




Socket Mobile Cordless Ring Scanner


This device needed to meet a range of environmental and extreme-use standards, including a particle- and waterproof seal, without compromising its light weight and durable industrial design.




Ditech Networks Packet Voice Processor


Addressing challenges in circuit density, heat dissipation, and power consumption, SI helped Ditech introduce a next-generation Packet Voice Processor that aids in fiber-optic cable management and termination.

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